2016 Create a FinTech Ecosystem that Contribute Mutually and Thrive Together

FinTech startups have been trending in recent years. Fusion$360 takes on the task to build an integrative and collaborative ecosystem for FinTech businesses to collaborate. Fusion$360 periodically organize FinTech meetups for business and individuals interested in Financial Technology. They are able to network and converse with experts in the field. The meetups provide:

  • Opportunities to network with FinTech practitioners and experts, expending knowledge, connections and resources
  • Education for future FinTech talents
  • Conversations on the business management experiences
  • A bridge between FinTech practitioners and the government: we will gather the challenges FinTech industries are facing and submit to related government offices
  • Plenty of opportunities for business/technology collaborations
  • A gateway to international exchanges, connecting Taiwanese FinTech industry to international businesses
  • Insights from FinTech experts, assisting practitioners to overcome challenges in the field
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