We focus on inclusive finance, and our goal is to “base firmly in Taiwan, and enter confidently to international markets”.

With our partners, we would like to realize our mission of “Integration” – building a platform for FinTech Big Data, “Co-Create” – forming an ecosystem for FinTech innovations, and “Prosperity” – develop financing for individuals and SMBs.

1. How We Achieve Sharing and Co-Creation

We have supported over 100 free trades of Open APIs on FinteXchange. The platform provides access to information and analytic resource crucial for innovating FinTech services for financial sectors and startups. We also share our profits with all partners who contribute to APIs, thus forming the most advanced open and mutually beneficial FinTech ecosystem, which decentralize digital trades and personal data management.

To accelerate the development of FinTech in Taiwan, we are dedicated to create an intersectoral open ecosystem by sharing success and profits with partners in an ecosystem. We provide support on information, technology and networking, for our partners to create FinTech services with high added values.

Currently the development of FinteXchange is based on API, from which our partners can collect, organize and assess information on FinTech. The system serves as a foundation for FinTech solution innovations and FinTech experiments and studies. FinteXchange also shows real-time visualizations of clients’ usage of information, analytics and tools on the platform, ensuring trusts between partners and clients.

The Value Propositions of FinteXchange include:

  • Partners do not need to invest in the infrastructure of data analytics, AI, Blockchain and cloud. They can assess data, analytics and tools with a monthly fee or on a pay-as-you-go basis. Their cost on data assessing and analyzing would be greatly reduced.
  • Our platform ecosystem facilitates mutually beneficial transactions; our partners can save on the cost of seeking out business partners, and instead devote the saved resources to further develop innovative business models or FinTech services. The ecosystem aims to shorten the life cycle of development, and in turn increase the efficiency of business systems, and increase the competitiveness of our partners.

2. We Focus on KYC and Credit Rating Analytics

Our partners can know their clients in and out by using our KYC and Credit Rating Analysis Solution: FUSION$360 Eagle Eyes. The solution integrates structuralized and non-structuralized data, tracks client behavior and activities, gauges their potential needs, and detect suspicious transactions. The solution also includes Stohastic Analytics to help our partners produce individual or business credit rating report, in which the history, competition scene and potential risks of the individual or business are clearly demonstrated. Using Fusion$360 Eagle Eyes, our partners can further develop B2C and B2B2C services and applications. 

Fusion$360 Eagle Eyes allows our partners to know their clients’ behavior by adapting Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, and by integrating and analyzing structuralized and non-structuralized data. Fusion$360 Eagle Eyes also brings in Stohastic Risk Analysis to provide a credible and accurate Credit History Solution.

Fusion$360 Eagle Eyes collects information from all published materials of finance, patents, lawsuits, news and social media, making it the most complete data structure in Taiwan. Also, we assist partners to store their data and create the database needed for analytics. Our partners can maintain private credit history data easily and efficiently, and use it to further develop other financial services.

3. We Are the Leading API Platform Developer in Taiwan

We provide PAAS (Platform as a Service) for our partners to manage APIs; and we provide quality training for utilizing the system. Our API management platform is highly expendable and privatized. Our members can easily access platform functions and usage reports.

FinteXchange is an API management Platform, which is an IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) based on AWS. FinteXchange support all kinds of data collection, storage, analysis and further applications. It is the leading trading platform with the most complete information of finance and economics, news and social media. FinteXchange prides itself in the guarantee that all of its information is secure, searchable, understandable, profiled and traceable.

FinteXchange also supports the collection, organization, management, experiments and assembly of all kinds of analytic models. It is therefore the first omni-system platform that in the world that integrate data organization, analytics and sandbox environment at once.

Clients using FinteXchange can:

  • Clients can apply R and Python on the instruction sets attained from FinteXchange, and analyze and visualize data, without needing to download huge amount of data onto their local server.
  • Clients can choose analytics models on FinteXchange according to their chosen field. They can also combine models for more experiments, saving costs for massive computational resource.
  • Clients can use the cloud space offered by FinteXchange for saving models during their experiments. FinteXchange also assist in sorting and uploading models for further research and commercialization.

4. Why You Should Become a FUSION$360 Partner

We regard FUSION$360 Partners as contributors of resources such as data, technology and business. We share our profit with our partners, and also offer opportunities for participating in projects and cases. Partners will be able to share and complement one another’s resources in establishing new business or solutions.

We Offer Opportunities and Create Values for Our Partners. Join Us Now!

5. FUSION$360 Partners

After we founded fusion$360 in 2016, our goal has been accelerating FinTech developments in Taiwan. We have had close communications and interactions with industries, governments and the academia; and we eventually built a consensus between all parties for forming the FinTech ecosystem. With the ecosystem, our partners have access to efficient supports on data, technology and networking, and eventually achieve more valuable FinTech services.

We welcome more partners to join us as more Fusion$360 products and services are available; and together we will make history for Financial Technology in Taiwan.