Analytics Trading Marketplace

Fintech revolutionized traditional financial services, and inspired new applications such as Micro Loans, P2P Loans, Robotic Process Automation and Supply Chain Finance. And at the technical core is the intelligent decision system powered by big data analytics. The Analytics Marketplace by Fusion$360 collects analytics models from different fields. Financial sectors, startups, academic and research institutes and interested individuals will be able to find models on Athena and assemble for their use, saving costs for self development. With Athena, they will be able to create higher value, bigger profit in a shorter time.

1. Which Analytics Models are We Collecting?

We currently collect Fintech related analytics models including Text Mining, Business Analytics and Risk Assessment. Partners with the models mentioned above are welcomed to upload their models; and we offer to make the models into APIs and manage the API service for them. Fusion$360 Analytics Market is a real-time and on-demand platform service: financial sectors, startups, academic and research institutes and individuals can access any APIs anytime.
We share our profits with partners who upload their models based on how much their models are accessed by clients.

2. Analytics Creation Space

We offer a powerful sandbox environment for clients to use R or Python languages on the instruction sets called from our Data Trading Marketplace to analyze or visualize data. With the sandbox, clients can save on the costs for storing and computing massive amount of data. We also offer private cloud space for clients to store their analytics models anytime during the experiments.

We provide access and operation services for analytics APIs for you to become a practitioner of big data analysis.

Join the FUSION$ ecosystem and you can also be a value creator.