Credit Analytics Engine (Eagle Eyes)

Business credit rating is the foundation for many FinTech services. The analytics technologies for credit rating has been fast advanced, but the growth of business credit rating service is impeded by the lack of data from SMEs. FUSION$360’s Eagle Eyes is a business credit report generator. Eagle Eyes is based on the Neptunus database of finance, economics, news and social network; and it had advanced integral analytics for non-structuralized data. Eagle Eyes provides better credit rating reports that is more comprehensive than the traditional reports that only base on the financial information of a business.

The advanced analytics of Eagle Eyes use big data analytics and machine learning models intensively. Its integral credit rating analysis offers insights into a business’ current situation and future prospects. Eagle Eyes is a powerful support for financial sectors and startups when they develop new services like P2P Loans, Supply Chain Finance, Crowdfunding and Financial Insurance.

We specialize in structured and unstructured data fusion analysis and credit modeling by deploying advanced big data analytics and machine learning techniques.

To obtain credit reports in just one click.