API Market

FUSIONS360 API Market provide TWO service categories: Data API and Analytics API. The API Market by FUSIONS360 is a real-time, on-demand cloud service which is the perfect solution. we assist companies, startups, research centers and even individuals to acquire FinTech data and analytics assets effortlessly, thus saving them from the troubles of collecting, processing, storing and managing efforts. With API Market, our clients would be able to devote the saved cost to further innovations.

1. What Data Does API Market Provide?

Currently Data API Market provides financial data, global news, government open data and social network data. These four databases can be accessed by our clients with 108 APIs. We will continue to evolve and grow as a Data as a Service. The update cycle varies from the sources for each database.

  1. Financial Data: includes company financial profiles, stock, option, fund, bond and loans.
  2. Global News: includes historical news, real-time news and original texts.
  3. Government Open Data: include basic registered information of domestic and international companies, information of their branches and alternation records based on the database of the Department of Commerce.
  4. Social Network Data: includes real-time PTT posts, post history and original texts.
2. Which Analytics APIs are we Collecting?

Analytics API Market currently collect Fintech related analytics models including Text Mining, Business Analytics and Risk Assessment. Partners with the models mentioned above are welcomed to upload their models; and we offer to make the models into APIs and manage the API service for them. FUSIONS360 Analytics API Market is a real-time and on-demand platform service: companies, startups, academic and research institutes and individuals can access any APIs anytime. We share our profits with partners who upload their models based on how much their models are accessed by clients.

3. Customized Services

Besides accessing data and analytics on API Market, our clients can also customize their services. We can assist in data collection, analytics programming, API programming and cloud system development according to client requests.

Membership Plans

API access package is flexible. If you have any questions about the following plans, please contact our sales department. We will gladly assist.

Membership Plans:

1. Members are users who have an account and purchase Membership.

2. Membership Privileges

  • Complimentary Coupon Points: can be used to assess API, and has equal values as FUSIONS Coins.
  • Discounted Rates: after a member uses up their complimentary points, they can still enjoy a discounted rate when using of FUSIONS Coins.

3. Restrictions

  • Memberships need to be renewed annually. After purchasing/renewing, the membership is affective from 00:00 the next day, unless otherwise indicated upon purchase.
  • Complimentary Coupon Points cannot be transferred to another member, and are valid for a year.
  • Platinum Membership or above have access to CRI/D&B Risk and Credit Rating services. These services can only be redeemed by Fusion$ Coins, and are not discounted.

4. Educational institutes and companies are privileged for discounted prices. Please contact our sales department.

5. FUSIONS360 reserve the rights to change the terms and conditions listed above.

We provide access and operation services for your data APIs to help you save costs and open up new markets.

Join the FUSIONS ecosystem and you can also be a value creator.